Kids from the local community celebrating Christmas with us!

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Kids from the local community celebrating Christmas with us!


Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel prides itself with being an active member of the community. In recent months, the rural nearby school of La Paz in Rio Celeste was adopted by the hotel. One dedicated teacher prepares seven students ranging in ages from 7 to 12 in their different studies depending on their grade.

Our efforts began a few weeks ago with a presentation on recycling. After reviewing what the concept of recycling meant to each child, the kids enthusiastically went to work creating decorative items using plastic bottles and other materials.


We know that the kids who attend La Paz School come from humble, hardworking families. For them, providing toys or other gifts is a luxury. We partnered with friends of the hotel, including collaborators and frequent guests, and with generous donations we set up a Christmas celebration for the children. On December 11th, 2017, with the help of hotel staff from the reservations, front desk, management and Kantala Restaurant, we spend the day with the kids.

We asked them to arrive at 10am, and as we set up for their arrival, we peered out the window and saw the kids down the road an hour before we were set to start, giddy with joy and curiosity. Decorations were set up, and each child had their own personalized gift under the tree.

Once the children arrived, we had a “piñata” and played traditional games. Pizza, cake and other goodies were enjoyed and seeing the happiness on the kids’ faces was joyous for all. Most of them are quite shy, but one brave girl spoke for all them saying how grateful and happy they all were.

Next steps

When money is spent on a good cause, it seems to stretch much further. We had a bit of money left over, and will purchase recycling bins for the school, as a follow up to a talk we imparted to the kids a few weeks ago about recycling.

Article by Katie Widdowson