From the Daniel Oduber Airport, head towards Liberia 3 kms, and then make a right turn 52 kms heading towards Cañas until you arrive to the Upala crossroad, which is after Bagaces. Once you arrive at the Upala crossroad, take the turn off to Guatuso 24 kms until Katira, passing Colonia Puntarenas San Luis, once in Katira turn off to the right at the intersection of Colonia Naranjeña 12 kms until you see the entrance of the Tenorio Volcano National Park (Rio Celeste Waterfall) from the entrance to the park its 800 mts and you have arrived to Hotel Rio Celeste Hideaway. Please take note that if you decide to take the alternative road thru the town of Bijagua to the National Park you will find that between the Volcan Tenorio National Park and the hotel entrance there is a small bridge only enabled for people not vehicles. The hotel can provide a transfer to the hotel on the other side of the bridge or you can walk, although you must know that there are no parking lots or a safety place to leave your vehicle on the other side of the bridge.